I Will Seek Wisdom

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Life is filled with difficult decisions and uncertainty. We all need wisdom to navigate the challenges we face. But wisdom rarely comes to us in isolation. True wisdom is found in godly community. When we surround ourselves with wise, godly people, we gain the insight and discernment we need. This year, make it a priority to pursue godly community. It will change your life.

  1. Become wise by walking with the wise. Wisdom is caught more than taught. Isolation can’t provide what consistent community can.
  2. A wise person is a godly person. They know God’s word and live it out. You need people not just with knowledge, but living wisely.
  3. Life falls apart when you pull away from godly community. You need a group of wise believers around you.

Seeking wisdom is a journey we undertake with others, not alone. The friends we choose have a profound impact on our lives. Surrounding ourselves with wise and positive influences can help us grow and make better decisions.


Proverbs 13:20

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