I And the Father Are One

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What would it take for you to truly believe? If Jesus himself stood before you and spoke the truth plainly, would you recognize his voice and accept his message? Or would you question his words and identity, picking them apart rather than opening your heart?

In John 10, Jesus has a startling encounter with the religious leaders of the day that reveals why some embrace the Good Shepherd while others reject him. As Jesus confronts the false shepherds and declares his oneness with the Father, he exposes the stubborn blindness of the self-righteous. The one who holds out hope and security to all instead finds stones raised against him.

Yet even in the face of hostility, Jesus’ love for his sheep shines through. He yearns for all people to hear his voice, cling to his hand, and rest securely in his care. As we explore this passage, Jesus’ invitation to true belief stands open before us. Will we have ears to hear his voice? Will we take hold of the hand reaching out to us? The choice is ours.

  1. Jesus confronts the religious leaders as false shepherds, saying he is the good shepherd for his sheep. The religious leaders do not believe him, arguing that he is not communicating clearly enough.
  2. Jesus says they do not believe him because they are not his sheep, not because of his communication. Believing comes from knowing and following Jesus, not just from good articulation.
  3. Jesus’ sheep know his voice and are secure in his hands and the Father’s hands. No one can snatch them away.
  4. The self-righteous religious leaders try to separate Jesus from the Father, but Jesus refuses to be separated. Likewise, the sheep cannot be separated from Jesus and the Father.
  5. The religious leaders pick up stones to throw at Jesus, accusing him of blasphemy. But Jesus points out their own inconsistencies and wrongs. Self-righteousness blinds people to their own faults.
  6. Jesus escapes from the hands of the self-righteous, but rests in the hands of the Father. Believers should cling to Jesus and trust his hands for their righteousness, not their own works or abilities.

As Jesus faced hostility, he remained grounded in the unshakable reality of his relationship with the Father. Though the world raged around him, he trusted fully in his Father’s hands. And he offers us that same secure refuge.

What would it look like for you to truly rest in Jesus’ hands today? To release your grip on self-reliance and works-based righteousness? To cling to him as your only hope, dropping every stone you’ve picked up?

Jesus is still extending his scarred hand to you, longing for you to hear his voice above all others, to entrust your whole life fully to his care. He knows you and he loves you. The Good Shepherd is calling you home.

Don’t harden your heart any longer. Don’t let doubt or pride hold you back. Run into the arms of Jesus and find the safety, love and purpose you’ve been searching for. He’s waiting to wrap you in his strong and gentle embrace. All you need to do is say yes.


John 10:22-42

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