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Countercultural Covictions

How We Counter Culture

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What does it mean to stand firm in an age of cultural upheaval? How can the church faithfully engage the modern world without being shaped by its sins? These are weighty questions for believers today, as cultural currents seek to sweep us away. But anchored in the hope of Christ’s victory, we can embody a different way.

  1. Humanity is created in God’s image and called to be culture makers. Culture is inherently good, but sin distorted and changed the direction of our culture making efforts.
  2. Jesus is Lord over all creation. We are called to seek the good of our cities and love our neighbors and enemies. We are witnesses, not responsible for transforming the culture.
  3. We are called to be more critical of ourselves than of outsiders. Only Christ’s return will truly transform the world.
  4. Redemption Church will counter culture in these ways:
    • By creating new culture. We will build a counterculture of grace, joyful marriages, generosity, patience, gratitude, and love.
    • By being a transformed and transforming presence. We have to repent of our sin and allow God to change us.
    • As incarnational witnesses. We go into the culture, speak its language, proclaim Christ, and confront while we witness.
    • With cheerful conviction. We have hope in Christ’s victory so we can be joyful amid suffering and persecution.

The course before us is not easy. At times we will suffer for our witness. Yet our joy is not in fleeting earthly things but in Jesus Christ himself. And as we look to him, relying on his grace and truth, we can counter culture with newness of life.

Allow God to transform our hearts, so we may become a transformed and transforming presence. As incarnational witnesses of Christ, we can speak the truth in love, seeking the good of all. And amid the turmoil, we can navigate with cheerful conviction, walking the road of faithfulness. For the glory of Christ and the redemption of all things awaits at the end of our journey.

Take up our cross daily and follow him, becoming more like our Savior through the renewing of our minds. This cultural moment is an opportunity for the light of the gospel to shine brighter than ever. Will we rise to the challenge, counters culture for the cause of Christ and the glory of his name?


Romans 12:2

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