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Rich Toward God: What Jesus Says About Money

How To Stop Stressing About Money

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Money. The great source of stress, worry, and anxiety for many. In fact, studies show 87% of Americans are stressed about the growing cost of everything. Money is one of the biggest rivals to God for our trust and affection. Is it possible to break free from the churning stress and worry over money that plagues so many?

Jesus provides a surprising path that is deeply countercultural yet profoundly wise and liberating. By developing three unpopular habits – noticing God’s provision, seeking him through prayer, and living generously – we can become unfettered from money’s hold over our hearts. The call is clear – don’t let money rule you. Discover the freedom found in treasuring God above all.

  1. The one big command: Do not be anxious or stressed about money. Stop stressing.
  2. Five compelling reasons to follow this command:
    • Life is more than food and money. There’s more to life.
    • You matter more than birds and God takes care of them.
    • Worrying doesn’t actually help or add any time to your life.
    • It makes you act like the rest of the world that has no trust in God.
    • It is God’s delight to give you the kingdom and all you need.
  3. Three unpopular habits to break free from money stress:
    • Consider: Notice and observe God’s provision in nature, like on the Sabbath.
    • Seek God’s kingdom through prayer and focus on him, not money.
    • Be generous through giving away possessions and resources.

The churning stress and worry over money will not cease by ignoring it or acquiring more. The only path to freedom is pursuing a flourishing relationship with God. As we develop rhythms of stopping to notice God’s care, pouring out our anxieties to him in prayer, and loosening our grip through generous giving, the HOLD of money over our hearts will loosen. Imagine the peace and confidence that await.

The habits Jesus recommends require discipline and perseverance in a culture shouting the opposite message. But for those willing to walk the narrow road, a rich life overflowing with true treasure awaits. Don’t let money rule you any longer. Break its power by treasuring God alone. Discover the freedom of a life rich toward God.


Luke 12:22-34

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