How to Live A Fruitful Life

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The Bible says that without Jesus, we can do nothing of eternal significance. But when we abide in him – remain connected – we become fruitful branches that benefit others. This is the secret to a meaningful life.

Jesus tells us: “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” Abiding is the key.

  1. To live a fruitful life, you must abide in Jesus. Jesus is the vine and the source of nourishment, strength, and fruitfulness. Apart from him, we can do nothing.
  2. There are two dimensions to abiding in Jesus: vertical and horizontal. Vertically, we abide by having Jesus’ words abide in us through reading the Bible and praying. Horizontally, we abide by loving one another as Jesus loved us.
  3. Abiding in Jesus leads to bearing much fruit, having prayers answered, glorifying God, proving ourselves as Jesus’ disciples, and even being pruned to produce more fruit.
  4. The life that abides in Jesus is the only life that counts forever. Jesus remains faithful to us, and we are called to remain faithful to him.
  5. For those getting baptized and for all Christians, the challenge is to remain connected to Jesus and let him live through us to bless and benefit others.

So living an abundant and fruitful life comes down to this simple yet profound choice: will we abide in Jesus or fall away? Will we remain connected to the true vine or go our own direction? The branches that remain bear fruit that blesses others for eternity.

Examine your life and identify any areas where you have drifted from abiding in Jesus. Reconnect with him through prayer, reading his Word, and through loving others as he loved you. Then watch as your life begins to produce fruit that nourishes others and glorifies God. This is how you will find true purpose and meaning.


John 15:4-13

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