How To Have Assurance of Salvation

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How sure are you that you will spend eternity with God? For many, this is an unsettling question they constantly avoid. But in a world of uncertainty, having assurance of your eternal destiny should be non-negotiable. Today we will explore how to gain unshakable confidence in your salvation.

At the center of this discussion are three signposts that point the way: our obedience, love for others, and knowledge of Jesus. If these pillars are firmly established in your life, you will find the peace of God’s comforting presence. But if any are crumbling, your security may be an illusion ready to collapse. By God’s grace alone, let us build our lives on the sure foundation of Christ.

  1. What percentage chance people would give themselves of going to heaven if they died today. He wants people to be 100% confident they would go to heaven.
  2. Assurance of salvation is having an internal sense that you are truly born again and saved. It’s not the same as salvation itself.
  3. You should want assurance of salvation because it provides comfort and confidence before God. It allows you to have a close relationship with God.
  4. To have assurance of salvation, you need:
    • Obedience – obeying God’s commands helps you feel close to Him, though it doesn’t save you
    • Love – loving others, not just having good morality, gives assurance
    • Doctrine – believing the true biblical Christ, not just a nice teacher
  5. You aren’t saved by Obedience, Love, and Doctrine, but you can be confident if you have them. Trust in Christ’s grace alone, not your own works.
  6. When your heart condemns you, remember God is greater than your heart. Look to Christ and His promises.

In closing, I urge you to prayerfully examine your life against these markers. Do not leave here without settling the matter of your assurance once and for all. Though salvation depends solely on Christ, take heart that God desires you to experience the fullness of belonging to Him. Walk daily in obedience, love others sacrificially, and immerse yourself in the truth about Jesus.

When doubts surface, look to Christ’s example of perfect love. Find your confidence in His unending mercy, not in your imperfect record. With His help, stand firm on the hope of eternal life. And go in peace, empowered to live joyfully for your Savior with confidence of your home in heaven. The choice is clear – will you choose certain assurance, or continual uncertainty? My prayer is that you choose Christ, and in Him, unshakeable certainty of salvation.


1 John 3:19-24

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