How to Explain the Gospel in 3 Words

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The good news Jesus came to share is that God pursues each lost soul with relentless love. Though we have all strayed like sheep, Jesus searches tirelessly for those who are lost, leaving the 99 to rescue the one. His grace extends freely, making his message of salvation distinct from every religion based on human effort and merit.

  • Jesus pursues and seeks the lost. He searches for the one lost sheep until he finds it.
  • When the lost are found, they discover belonging, purpose, and unity in Christ. They join the “found.”
  • Finding Christ brings great joy – more joy than over the ninety-nine who are already “found.” It is a gift, not a reward.

When you accept Jesus’ gift of salvation, you discover the true joy of being found – a joy that transcends any accomplishment. You join a community that helps you grow and gives you purpose. The transformation Jesus offers does not come from trying to become good enough on your own; it comes from surrendering to God’s grace and mercy. Accept his gift freely. Place your hope in Christ alone, and experience the joy of being forever found.


Luke 15, John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, Ephesians 4:16, Matthew 9:35

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