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We Want A King: Life of Solomon

How To Create Problems That Outlast You

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As we pass on faith to the next generation, we must fight the tempting attitudes of
wanting autonomy and control. Children are keen observers. When hypocrisy and harshness rule our homes, our lack of wisdom shows – leading the next generation towards idols rather than Jesus. To avoid causing problems that outlast us, we must cling to our true King.

  1. Don’t listen to old men who have wisdom. Rehoboam did not heed the counsel of the wise old men who advised him, and instead listened to the young men who told him what he wanted to hear.
  2. Lead with threats and negative reinforcement. Rehoboam threatened the people with harsher treatment instead of showing mercy and compassion.
  3. Overestimate your influence. Rehoboam found that his threats and authority carried little weight, as the people did not listen to him.
  4. Tempt the next generation to worship false gods through your hypocrisy. Rehoboam’s mercilessness and lack of wisdom led many in Israel to turn to idol worship under Jeroboam.
  5. We need Jesus, not Jeroboam. Rather than trying to save people ourselves through our insufficient solutions, we should point people to Christ as the ultimate answer. Jesus sees problems and delivers real solutions.

So in our parenting and leadership, may we renounce the attitudes of Rehoboam and turn instead to Jesus. In him we find wisdom, mercy and grace that outlasts us. When we point others to Christ rather than ourselves, hearts and lives are transformed by his love. Let us walk in humility, peace and patience, earning influence through congruence with our King. And may our children see Jesus in us – so he alone becomes their saving desire and delight.

The problems we cause will be forgiven, but the ones Christ solves will last forever. Lay down pride, ambitions and control – and take up the cross of Jesus Christ, our true King and only hope.


1 Kings 12

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