How To Be True To Your True Self

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Are you living into your true identity? Or are you wearing a “ratty coat” that hides who you truly are? We all play roles and personae, but there is an identity deeper within waiting to be unleashed. Discovering that identity means focusing our thoughts not on the ephemeral desires of this world, but on the one who is above all – Jesus Christ. When we devote ourselves fully to him, our true selves are revealed.

Today we will discuss how to discern, define, and devote ourselves to our identity in Christ by setting our minds and hearts on Jesus above all else. This process has the power to transform our lives from the inside out as we embrace who we were truly created to be.

  1. Discern your true self. Identify whether you have inherited, constructed, or received your identity through Christ. Christians have received their identity through Christ.
  2. Define your true self. Read the Bible to learn who you truly are as a Christian. You have a hope in heaven, are pleasing to God, have an inheritance, and more.
  3. Devote yourself to your true self. Seek Christ and set your mind on things above. Focus on Jesus, not worldly things.
  4. The things that are above refer to Christ. Christians should set their minds and hearts on Jesus, who is above all else.
  5. Putting on Christ means living out your identity in Christ. This involves putting off sinful behaviors and putting on Christlike behaviors, which will be discussed in the next sermon.

My friends, we all have an identity deeper within waiting to be discovered. An identity not constructed through our own efforts, but received as a gift through Jesus Christ. Will you devote yourself fully to seeking the one who is above all – setting your mind on the things of heaven rather than earth? When you do, your true self will begin to emerge. You will take off that “ratty coat” of jealousy, greed, fear and put on the robes of love, joy and peace that Jesus longs to clothe you in. Your light will shine forth from within, and you will finally become who you were created to be.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Determine today to discern, define and devote yourself to your true identity in Christ. Set your sights first and foremost on Jesus, and allow him to transform you from the inside out. That is the invitation set before you – will you accept it?


Colossians 3:1-4

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