How to Be On the Right Side of History

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Picture yourself at a major crossroads where your choices can change your future and even affect the world. The book of Revelation has been a brain-teaser and a source of inspiration for a long time, and it’s all about making the right choice. No one wants to pick the losing side, especially when it comes to something as important as eternity.

Think of it like a football game where fans root for their team no matter what the scoreboard says. You don’t want to be seen as a loser or switch sides when things get tough. The book of Revelation is like a game manual that shows how things will end. It paints pictures of defeat where the losers are left for the birds, driving home the point that your choice is important.

This message isn’t meant to scare you but to give you a clearer picture. Revelation describes the end times where good wins easily over evil. The question is, at the final celebration, will you be a guest or will you be on the menu? It’s a clear-cut decision – there’s no fence-sitting here.

Use caution and turn it into wisdom by following the story told in Revelation. Let the famous Psalm 23 be your guide to peace amidst the wild images in Revelation. It’s all about choosing to be part of a winning story, not out of pride, but for your own safety and ultimate victory in the struggle between good and evil.

As you think about what Revelation means for you, make a choice. Do you want your name in the book of life, taking your place on the side of peace, life, and spending forever with the Divine Shepherd? Revelation isn’t just warning about what’s to come; it’s urging you to choose your side now, before history rolls on and your destiny is locked in with it.

  1. We want to be on the “right side of history” and avoid being “losers” or on the wrong side when it comes to the final spiritual battle between good and evil. The text uses imagery from Revelation to illustrate this point.
  2. If we trust in Jesus, our ultimate eternal destination is certain – we don’t need to fear the “fire” of final judgment. However, that doesn’t mean the journey won’t involve suffering and difficulty.
  3. We also don’t need to fear the final “fight” between good and evil – it will be an anticlimactic, lopsided victory for God, not an evenly-matched struggle.
  4. There are differing views among Christians on the exact nature and timeline of end times events (three main ones: postmillennialism, premillennialism, amillennialism). The speaker explains his view (amillennialism) but allows room for disagreement among Christians here.
  5. What it means for Satan to be “bound” and believers to be “reigning” with Christ now is that the power of the gospel is unleashed through believers, not that all evil is eliminated now. Our task is to repent, resist sin, and walk in holiness by the Spirit’s power.
  6. The choice before people is stark – either feast with God or be consumed as His enemies. Trusting in Christ leads to one outcome, refusing Him leads to the other. Revelation aims to compel us to be on the right side of that divide.

The choices before you are stark and the consequences eternal. You are at a crossroads where indecision is not an option and neutrality is a facade. Either you feast on the grace offered through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, finding your place at the marriage supper of the Lamb, or you risk becoming a spectacle for the birds, partaking in a feast of a wholly different and horrific nature. Reign with Christ now by turning from sin and embracing the life He offers, a life where Satan’s power is restrained and the Spirit empowers you to live victoriously. This choice is the most important one you will make, for it determines where you stand in the ultimate narrative—the right or wrong side of history.

Commit yourself to the path of faith, align your steps with the trajectory of redemption laid out in Scripture, and do not let fear of the transient overcome the promise of the eternal. Allow peace to still your heart, not as the world gives but as Christ assures—for those with their names written in the Book of Life.

Your final destination is one absent of fear. Fear not the fire, the fight, nor the feast that leads to destruction. The end of history will bear witness to the Lord’s unchallenged sovereignty, and if you trust in Jesus, you will already be found standing on the right side, reaping the rewards of eternal life, forever at home with the Lord.


Revelation 19:6-20:15

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