How to Be Less Stressed

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Let the Peace of Christ rule your life is the key to living a less stressful life. Stress is inevitable but with Jesus we can have inner calm that helps us deal with the chaos outside. We can experience the Peace of Christ by:

Don’t slander.

Paul says to get rid of anger, rage and slander. Slander misrepresents someone’s character. Instead update the labels you put on others and yourself.

Update labels.

Labels influence our judgements of others and ourselves. Paul says in Christ it doesn’t matter what labels we have, Christ is all that matters.

Be kind, gentle, patient humble and compassionate.

These traits show we have the new nature Christ gives us. My grandfather modeled these for me though he lived in a hard world.

If you want less stress, let the Peace of Christ rule your life. Practice one of these traits this week and invite the Holy Spirit to help you. Young people, aim to be kind, gentle, patient and compassionate -that will serve you well. Older generations, modeling these traits can influence the next generation.


Colossians 3:8, Colossians 3:11

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