How The World Gets Changed

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The church stands at a crossroads. Facing a world in turmoil yet full of potential, believers are called to be the embodiment of God’s good news. But too often the church remains a disconnected group of individuals, missing its purpose and lacking power.

For the church to truly fulfill its role, three fundamental shifts are needed: a renewed vision of what it means to be the church, clarity on its purpose for existing, and reliance on the only source of true power.

  1. The picture of the church: The church is meant to be diverse, reconciled, and interconnected. It is a picture of the kingdom of God.
  2. The purpose of the church: The church is meant to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel. It declares the mystery of Christ through words and lives wisdom toward outsiders.
  3. The power of the church: The church relies on the power of unrelenting prayer. Prayer opens doors to share the gospel and enables the mission.
  4. The speaker encourages the mission team heading to Turkey to pray for open doors, softened hearts, and wisdom. He prays for the Holy Spirit’s power and fruit on their trip.
  5. Prayer is important for the church to fulfill its purpose and mission in the world. But Christians also need to walk in wisdom toward each other and outsiders alike.

The church exists for one reason – to proclaim and demonstrate the hope of the gospel to a lost world. But it will only accomplish that purpose through unrelenting prayer that softens hearts, opens minds, and gives wisdom. What would happen if, instead of griping about the lostness around us, we instead fell to our knees to intercede?

God’s kingdom would advance, lives would be transformed, and the church would rediscover its true picture, purpose and power. So let us pray like never before – that we might be a light of hope in a world desperate for good news.


Colossians 4:2-18

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