How Jesus Prays For Us

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Jesus prayed for his disciples in John 17 – but his prayer wasn’t just for his immediate followers, it was for all future believers down through the ages. It reveals his heart for how he wants his people to live. His prayer foreshadows three essential qualities for every true follower of Christ: being snug, sanctified and sent. If we are to live as Jesus desires, and fulfill our God-given purpose, these three things must define our lives.

  1. Jesus prays for his disciples to be snug, sanctified and sent:
    • Snug: Jesus prays that his disciples would stay close to God and remain connected to the Father. He wants them to stay “under the covers” of God’s love.
    • Sanctified: Jesus prays that his disciples would be holy and set apart. Obedience to God’s word through the Bible transforms us and makes us holy.
    • Sent: Jesus prays that his disciples would go into the world as his representatives and witnesses. They have an “apostolic assignment” to share the good news.
  2. These three things work together: Staying close to God allows us to effectively go into the world and share the gospel. Being obedient and holy motivates us to resist temptation and be good witnesses. And having a mission keeps us close to God.
  3. We go into the world by:
    • Investing in relationships
    • Inviting people into Christian community
    • Introducing people to Jesus

Living as Jesus prayed – snug, sanctified and sent – is the key to truly following him and experiencing the life he desires for us. Staying close to God through prayer and intimacy will transform and empower us to live holy lives and engage a lost world for Christ. When we walk in obedience and purity of heart, motivated by God’s great love and the needs of the world, we will discover the mission he has for each one of us. The hope and prayer is that we will respond to Jesus’ prayer by drawing near to him, seeking holiness, and going into the world to share his love and truth with those who need him most.


John 17:6-19

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