How God’s Kindness Changes Everything

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Have you ever wondered how much difference God’s kindness could make in your life? Today’s message reveals how experiencing God’s loyal, steadfast love has the power to transform us completely, moving us from places of shame to honor, loneliness to belonging, fear to peace, and endings to new beginnings. Come discover how fully receiving God’s mercy can transition every aspect of your identity and story.

  1. God’s kindness moves us from Podunk to the palace.
  2. God’s kindness moves us from being nameless to known.
  3. God’s kindness moves us from enemy to friend.
  4. God’s kindness moves us from orphan to adopted.
  5. God’s kindness moves us from fear to peace.

God desires to show you unfailing kindness and turn your life into a testimony of his grace. Will you place your trust in Jesus today, believing that through him you can experience complete forgiveness and adoption as God’s beloved child? When you open your heart to receive God’s gift, you will find true peace and purpose, as he remakes you from the inside out. Don’t let fear or shame hold you back any longer – God is offering you a fresh start.


2 Samuel 9

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