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Four Letter Words Everyone Should Use


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God wants us to call out regularly for help, throughout every season of life. Whether we’re experiencing trouble and distress or abundance and success, we should cry out to the Lord in humility, with a reliance upon him.

  1. We should regularly cry out to God for help, both in times of distress and in times of success. This shows our reliance on him and keeps our hearts humble.
  2. Only God can truly help us. No person or alliance can compare to his strength and ability to provide relief and solution.
  3. God helps the powerless and weak. Even when we are prosperous, we should recognize our need for his strength.
  4. We must rely on God, not our own abilities or resources. In success and prosperity, we are tempted to depend on ourselves.
  5. Seek God’s help in the name of Jesus. It is through him that we receive the Holy Spirit’s aid and guidance.
  6. Asking for help, especially from God, does not come naturally. But crying out “help me” to the Lord in sincerity is all that is needed.
  7. While King ASA sought God’s help initially, he eventually drifted away and stopped relying on the Lord. We must guard against this.

God’s best for us is continuous reliance upon Him, throughout every phase of our existence, be it adversity or be it prosperity. As the ultimate source of help, God’s provision and strength are incomparable to any human partnerships or worldly resources. He caters to weak and powerless, making it vital that we continually confess our need for him.

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