Help! I’m Sinning But I Want to Stop

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Guarding your devotion to Jesus requires evaluating what competes for your affection.

Humans tend to pursue what makes us feel alive, but these desires can conflict with devotion to Jesus. All of our perceptions are susceptible to drift from God’s design. Guard against anything that competes with your devotion to Jesus in three areas:

  • Pursuits – Evaluate if your pursuits are aligning or competing with devotion to Jesus. Jesus calls us to die to ourselves daily and live for him.
  • Affections – Put to death earthly desires lurking within you like sexual immorality and greed. Personal responsibility requires wrestling with what Scripture says, though non-followers will not always follow Jesus’ teachings.
  • Behaviors – While desires and thoughts exist, decide if your actions align with Jesus. Jesus accepts you where you are but challenges you to change.

Though people struggle, Jesus transforms those devoted to him. Commit to honoring Jesus with your pursuits, affections, and behaviors. He will get your attention and guide you onto the straight and narrow path.


Colossians 3:1-7, Matthew 19, Exodus 20:3-6, Matthew 15:1-20

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