Healthy Sexuality

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No church is immune to sexual sin. Even in the early church, the apostle Paul had to confront flagrant immorality among believers. What happens when sexual sin takes root in a faith community? Paul’s advice to the Corinthian church serves as a grave warning and a call to vigilance for Christians today. Though often difficult, confronting sin is an act of love that keeps Christ’s bride pure and points lost sheep back to the Shepherd.

  • There was sexual immorality happening in the Corinthian church, even things that unbelievers considered wrong.
  • A man was sleeping with his father’s wife.
  • The Corinthians were arrogant and proud about this situation.
  • Paul says they should have been mourning over this sin, not tolerating it.
  • The sexually immoral person should be removed from the church.
  • The goal is restoration and salvation for the immoral person.
  • Discipline should be done in love, not punishment.
  • Sin spreads like yeast in dough. A little tolerance of sin can infect the whole church.
  • Paul clarifies he is talking about disciplining those inside the church, not judging unbelievers.
  • The unrepentant sexually immoral need to be removed to keep the church pure.

Paul’s words urge us to see sin’s destruction and Christ’s salvation. Immorality corrodes our souls, but Jesus restores our purity. Discipline seems harsh, but it aims for healing. When we mourn our failings, we rediscover amazing grace. And when the lost return home, all heaven rejoices. May we pursue lives of sincerity and truth, proclaiming with our actions that nothing compares to knowing Jesus.

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