Healthy Church: 1st Corinthians

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Have you ever felt alone in your struggles or uncertain of your purpose? Do you long for victory over life’s challenges but feel unable to achieve it? If so, take heart, for this message reveals how Jesus calls, equips, and sustains us through every difficulty. By unfolding three powerful truths from 1 Corinthians, we will discover our identity and inheritance in Christ.

  1. You are called by Jesus in grace to salvation and a divine purpose. When he calls, answer and receive his plan for your life.
  2. You are gifted by Jesus in grace with supernatural abilities to serve and build his kingdom. Embrace and use the spiritual gifts he has given you.
  3. You are kept by Jesus in grace through every trial until his return. Find peace knowing he who began the good work in you will complete it.

Jesus offers each of us an abundant, purpose-driven life through his amazing grace. Will you answer his call today, discover your gifts, and cling to his sure promise to sustain you? The victory and freedom available in Christ are yours for the taking. Receive and walk in all he longs to give.

Topics: Grace, Salvation, Purpose, Spiritual Gifts, Perseverance, Assurance, Victory

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