He Has Done All Things Well

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The compassion of Jesus is expansive. Consider the story of a non-Jewish, Syrophoenician woman who, in a radical display of humble and persistent faith, petitioned Jesus to heal her demon-possessed daughter. Despite the cultural barriers and initial seeming rejections, her determined faith moved Jesus to commend her and grant her request.

In addition, consider Decapolis, a predominantly Gentile area, where a deaf man with a speech impediment was brought to Jesus. Jesus healed the man in a manner that was both personal and miraculous, signifying not only his power but also his deep empathy, feeling the brokenness of the fallen world.

Jesus’s mission transcended cultural and religious boundaries, showing that his compassion was not limited to a select group but was indeed universal. True faith persists despite challenges and that coming to Jesus with such faith would never result in disappointment.

In these acts and interactions, Jesus was illustrative of God’s sovereignty and the foreshadowing of a new creation where suffering and separation no longer exist, inviting all to experience his restorative power through faith.

  1. Jesus has a universal heart for all people and breaks cultural and religious boundaries, ministering to those outside the Jewish community, such as in the regions of Tyre, Sidon, and the Decapolis.
  2. Jesus’ interactions with the non-Jewish Syrophoenician woman and her demon-possessed daughter exemplify His receptiveness to genuine, persistent faith regardless of societal barriers.
  3. Through the healing of the deaf and mute man in the Decapolis, Jesus demonstrates personal care, entering the individual’s world to communicate his intention to heal.
  4. The Syrophoenician woman’s response to Jesus—acknowledging Him as Lord, showing humble persistence despite initial rejections, and understanding the deeper meaning behind His teachings—highlights the attributes of authentic faith.
  5. The woman’s encounter with Jesus signifies that although Jesus offers compassion to all, one must actively pursue Him, and true faith does not equal passive acceptance but involves earnest seeking and clinging to Jesus.
  6. Jesus’ ability to heal instantly and from a distance validates His divine nature, omnipresence, and the statement that He performs all things well, harkening back to the goodness of creation.
  7. The miracles of Jesus serve as both a reminder of the perfection of the original creation and a foreshadowing of the new creation, where all suffering and infirmities will be permanently eradicated.

Jesus’ miracles are echoes of a world as it was meant to be and a glimpse of what is to come—where afflictions no longer hold sway and the perfection of creation is restored. We are invited to not remain passive, relying on the overarching grace of God. Instead we should actively seek Jesus, knowing that no one who sincerely approaches Him will be left disappointed.

It is an invitation to a faith that is alive and persistent, a faith that compels us to go to Jesus, assured of finding solace and strength in Him. We live, motivated by a faith that knows Jesus not just as a historical figure, but as the living Saviour we can know intimately and trust completely today—confident that a humble, persistent, and genuine faith in Him is never in vain.


Mark 7:24-37

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