God is With You: Living Courageously with Purpose

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When Israel needed victory most, an unlikely judge arose – a woman named Deborah. Though called to encouragement, she stepped into the realm of battle and inspired an army of men to fight with bravery they did not know they possessed.

Deborah shows us that living with purpose often calls us beyond our comfort, tapping into the courage God supplies when earthly courage fails. Her story beckons us to step into our moment in history with the same spirit of bravery and faith.

  1. Encouragement makes all the difference. Deborah encouraged Barak and the Israelite army, spurring them on to victory. We all need encouragers in our lives who build us up instead of pointing out our failures.
  2. We must be brave. Deborah was called to step out of her comfort zone and join the battle. God calls us to everyday bravery – fighting through difficulties and choosing to love the unlovable.
  3. We can be brave because we know who we are in Christ. God’s army is with us. Earth is only our assignment – heaven is our home. God works all things for good.
  4. Deborah’s example calls us to trust God with this moment in history and allow people to see Jesus through us. She asks us: will we be brave? Will we step out and walk by faith, knowing God is with us?

Deborah’s story calls each of us to ask: Am I living with the courage my moment demands? Will I step into this season of history trusting God to supply what I lack? Your brave step may seem small, but history shows the “small” victories often become the greatest.

If every believer living today would rise to our purpose with Deborah’s spirit of encouragement, bravery and faith in the God of victory, we have the opportunity to change the world. Will you take that step with me? With God’s help, our small steps of bravery and faith move mountains and change history. Our moment awaits. The world needs us to rise up. Will we go?


Hebrews 12:1, Judges 4, Joshua 1:9, Romans 8:28

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