God is Love

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Shifting your gaze from the distractions of this world to fixing your eyes firmly on Jesus has the power to transform every aspect of your life. When you fully surrender to God’s love and grace, you gain a perspective that brings completeness, peace and purpose that nothing in this world can match.

Focusing on Jesus isn’t just a one-time decision – it’s a daily choice that requires discipline and constant renewal. Fixing your eyes on Him above everything else allows His transforming love to reshape your desires, reorient your values and redirect your path.

Today we’ll explore how focusing our eyes fully on Jesus brings true completeness, overwhelming peace and drives us to truly love others. Fixing our eyes on Him is the key that unlocks the abundant life Jesus promises.

  1. When you are transformed by God’s love, you understand that Jesus makes you complete. You lack nothing spiritually in Him. There is real life, joy, and peace in Him. This is a present reality, not just a future hope.
  2. Those transformed by God’s love experience overwhelming peace, even in the midst of challenges. Their confidence comes from Jesus’ past actions, not their own faithfulness.
  3. When God’s love transforms you, it moves you to love others. You cannot be inward-focused. True love always moves outward.
  4. We experience God’s transforming love because of His mercy and grace, not because of anything we have done. It was Jesus’ sacrifice that makes us right with God.
  5. In order to experience God’s transforming love, we must fix our eyes on Jesus. When we get our eyes off of Him and focus on other things, we lose that sense of completeness and peace found in Him.

Fixing our eyes on Jesus and fully surrendering to His transforming love is the first step to living the abundant life He promised. But it cannot end with just an inward change. When God’s love takes hold of our lives, it compels us to go out and share that love with others.

Will you dedicate this week to filling your mind with scripture, meditating on God’s promises and turning off the distractions that pull your eyes away from Jesus?

Make the choice today to fix your eyes firmly on Him above all else, and watch His love reshape you from the inside out, making you complete and giving you a peace that nothing in this world can shake. His transforming love is waiting to change your life – will you surrender to it fully and let Him use you to change the lives of others?

The choice is yours. Choose Jesus, and let His love transform you each and every day.


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