God Is Love

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How far would you go for love? What costs would you accept? These are questions at the heart of our existence, yet we rarely stop to consider them fully. Today we will explore the lengths to which God went in demonstrating his love for us through Jesus Christ. A love so profound that it compelled the Creator of the universe to endure the worst suffering imaginable for our sake. As counterintuitive as it seems, in the depths of this sacrifice lies the key to overcoming our greatest fears and living freely.

Come with me on a journey to heights and depths we can barely imagine as we uncover what it really means for God to be love. We will glimpse the true stakes of our sin, yet also the immeasurable hope to which we are called through Christ. My hope is that by reawakening to this incredible mystery, long-buried fears may fall away and love will flow more fully through us each moment of each day.

  • Why are we still gathering as a church 2,000 years after Jesus lived and died. It’s because Jesus was resurrected and is still calling people to himself.
  • The reason we gather is because the tomb is empty and Jesus is resurrected and still calling people to himself. This is astounding.
  • Don’t cheapen grace without requiring repentance. True grace recognizes the cost that Jesus paid through his suffering and death.
  • God is both holy and loving. Understanding his holiness helps us recognize the profoundness of his love for us.
  • God demonstrated his love for us by sending his Son to die for our sins. This should compel us to love one another.
  • Abiding in God’s love matures us and casts out fear. We should train ourselves to live in the awareness of his love.
  • Loving one another is the natural result of understanding how much God loves us. This is the core command he wants us to follow.

As we part ways today, I invite you to actively dwell on this radical truth – that the Creator of heaven and earth loves you with a love that triumphed over even death itself. Dare to let that love seep deep into your bones, casting out all fear. This week, fight to abide continually in that love through prayer, Scripture, and worship. For in its fullness there is unimaginable freedom and strength.

Let that love shine through in every relationship, every conversation, every task. Let it curb your selfishness and awaken compassion even for those who have wronged you. Such perfect love has the power to change lives and transform communities if we unleash it fully. My hope and prayer is that might be the work God accomplishes through each of us in the days to come. May your every step overflow with the boundless mercy you have received in Jesus Christ, to his glory and for the good of all people. Amen.


1 John 4:7-21

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