God Do You Care?

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Suffering is a universal part of the human experience, yet few understand its true purpose. While pain and difficulty may seem senseless, God intends our suffering for good–if we have the wisdom to see it.

Suffering tests and strengthens our faith like fire refines gold. Through pain, we learn to trust God more completely and value eternal things. Yet Satan will try to twist our suffering, making us think God does not care. But God uses our difficulties to comfort others, if we hold firmly to the truth.

  1. Suffering is a universal human experience. God allows suffering to happen for a purpose.
  2. Satan uses our suffering and pain to make us believe lies like God doesn’t care, or no one understands our suffering.
  3. God’s intent for our suffering is to strengthen us, complement the Creator, and shift our focus to what really matters. It can produce endurance, character, and hope.
  4. We need to have good theology around suffering – understanding that we live in a fallen world and God loves us. Bad theology leads to unrealistic expectations.
  5. God wants to comfort us in our suffering so we can comfort others. We should not believe Satan’s lies but stand firm in our faith.
  6. The story of Lori Kayser shows how God used her suffering to strengthen her faith and give her hope to share with others. God can use our suffering for good if we trust Him.

Our trials have purpose if we face them with the perspective of a Heavenly Father who loves us deeply and longs to strengthen our character through suffering. The question remains: will we listen for God’s purpose amidst our pain or fall for Satan’s lies? The choice between comfort and strength, hope or despair starts withholding firmly to the truth that God uses all things for good. May Lori’s life inspire us to trust God more fully through every difficulty, knowing He will be glorified through our lives.

Through suffering, we learn the depth of God’s comfort and strength. But more importantly, we are shaped into people who can truly comfort others. What fire refines in us, we can pass on to a world in need of hope. When we understand God’s purpose in our pain, even the darkest valleys lead to eternal light. May we face our sufferings with this perspective, trusting God to complete the good work he has begun.


2 Corinthians 1:3-4, John 16:33, James 1:2-4, Romans 5:3-4

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