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Go All in (Part 1)

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We’ve all been there – stuck in a rut, going through the motions of life on autopilot. You know there has to be more, yet you can’t seem to break out of your daily grind. Well today I’m going to share a story of a man who did break free – a leader who fully awakened to his life’s purpose and potential. Through his example, you’ll learn how to truly unleash your gifts and live with profound intention.

Along the way we’ll explore some tough questions. What really motivates you – is it security, success, or something deeper? How do you measure what’s most meaningful – by what you acquire, or by what difference you make? And perhaps most importantly, how can you align your choices and priorities to support your highest aspirations?

By the end, my hope is that you’ll feel inspired to reevaluate what really matters most and take your first steps towards living a more empowered and impactful life. So let’s begin our journey by meeting this extraordinary man who showed what true leadership and fulfillment look like. I promise his story will spark new possibilities for your own journey.

  1. David wants to build a temple for God as an expression of glorifying God with his life. Everything David has comes from God.
  2. David initially gives the treasure from the temple to build the temple, but then realizes this costs him nothing personally.
  3. David then gives a considerable portion of his own personal wealth to build the temple, emptying his personal bank account.
  4. When David sacrificially gives of his own wealth, the leaders of Israel follow his example and also give generously.
  5. David acknowledges that everything he and the people of Israel have ultimately comes from God. They have only returned to God what is already His.
  6. The passage challenges the listener to consider what or who gets the very best of them – their most precious possessions, time, money. It questions where one’s heart truly lies.
  7. The goal is to use resources to bring people far from God near to Him, making friends who will welcome one into eternity. This reflects Jesus’ command to use worldly wealth to make eternal friends.

David’s story reminds us that life’s deepest rewards come not from what we accumulate, but from fully committing ourselves to a noble purpose greater than ourselves. Though the path may not always be clear, having the courage to regularly scrutinize our motivations and align our actions with our highest values is how we avoid drifting through life on autopilot.

I challenge you to consider how you might elevate what really drives you each day. What meaningful impact could you have if you elevated your gifts and energies from the ordinary to the extraordinary? While change won’t happen overnight, small steps taken with intention can lead to remarkable destinations. I hope David’s example has inspired you to begin living with renewed purpose, focus and generosity towards others. The fulfillment you seek may be closer than you think when you look within and let your highest self guide the way.


1 Chronicles 29:1-2, 2 Samuel 24:18-24, Matthew 6:21, Malachi 3, Luke 16:9

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