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The theme of “giving” is prominent in the teachings of Jesus, a subject that, astonishingly, the Savior spoke about more often than the concepts of heaven and hell. Over a third of his parables are filled with messages about the importance of giving – outlining it as a fundamental part of Christian life.

Key Points:

  • A prime embodiment of this trait is seen in the Macedonian churches, who in spite of suffering from severe trial and poverty, gave joyfully and abundantly, their generosity not stemming from the wealth they had, but their willingness to give.
  • They did not limit themselves to the constraints of their means, but instead, gave sacrificially beyond that, with an urgency and willfulness that reflected their faithful commitment.
  • The key to this remarkable way of giving was their dedication to the Lord. As stated in Verse 5, they “gave themselves first of all to the Lord”. This complete and unwavering devotion put forth the idea that once one wholly surrenders himself to the Lord and regards everything as His, then that individual shall excel in giving to others.
  • Tithing, i.e., giving away 10% of your income, could serve as a start point for someone looking to emulate this practice.
  • The very essence of the gospel is portrayed through generosity – it symbolises God’s ultimate act of giving, His Son, for the sake of us all.

Strive towards enhancing the grace of giving – to give joyfully, generously, beyond measure, and with complete willingness, in the same vein as the Macedonian churches. The foremost step towards this path is giving oneself entirely to the Lord. It is when one completely commits ourselves to the divine cause that we truly begin to understand the profundity of giving to others.


Acts 20:35 , Luke 6:38, 1 Chronicles 29:17, Malachi 3:10, John 3:16

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