Get Out While You Still Can

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You’re in a maze that feels just like trying to find your way through a crowded store before a big holiday, but it’s not just a store, it’s your daily life filled with distractions. Social media, TV shows, and all kinds of entertainment can keep you hooked, making it hard to break away. These things are designed to hold your attention and ensure you keep coming back, and they don’t lead to real happiness or peace

Then, you hear a message that says, “Get out while you still can.” This is a wake-up call. If you believe in something more, like being a Christian, you don’t have to get trapped in this endless cycle. The culture tries to pull you in with things that ultimately don’t last. It’s important to see this and make a decision to look for something that isn’t going to fall apart.

The world offers things like money, power, and fake relationships, but they’re all just a show. You need to pay attention and choose not to get caught up in this. As you’re trying to find your way through life, remember that this message of “Get out while you still can” has always been there, encouraging you to move on from the easy and temporary to find a stable and lasting place that doesn’t decay.

Think about what this means for you. What is this modern “Babylon” with all its promises and fate? And how do you free yourself from it? Finding the answers could change how you live and lead you towards an unchanging life that goes beyond this world.

  1. Places like Costco, social media applications, Netflix, and casinos are designed to trap people and keep them engaged or stuck.
  2. “Get out while you still can!” Flee from Babylon and avoid sharing in its sins.
  3. Revelation 17-19 describes two cities: Babylon, representative of worldly power, and the New Jerusalem, representative of the kingdom of God, both personified as women – a prostitute and a bride, respectively.
  4. Followers of Jesus have a different loyalty, citizenship, and identity that aligns with the New Jerusalem rather than with Babylon.
  5. Four questions are raised and explored regarding Babylon: its identity, power, future, and how to escape it.
  6. Babylon:
    • demonic
    • deceiving
    • destructive
    • dominant
  7. Escape the condemnation of Babylon, repent concerning sex, money, and power, pursuing purity, discipleship instead of partisanship, and generosity in place of greed.
  8. Repentance and living beyond the influences of greed, sexual immorality, and political power are emphasized as the way to align with the kingdom of God rather than the ways of Babylon.

It’s critical that you heed the call to change your life direction—away from the dead-end trap of worldly pursuits and toward a life anchored in faith and purity. Recognize the deceptive lures around you—the endless chase for more, the false satisfaction of fleeting pleasures, and the allure of power—and turn away from them. Babylon, as a metaphor for the fallen world, signifies entrapment, and just like quicksand, the more you struggle in its grip, the deeper you sink.

Embrace the urgency of this moment. Your allegiance should not lie with the transient glories of this world—glories that can vanish in an instant—but with the enduring truth of the Gospel. Challenge yourself to live beyond the superficial facades and aimless distractions. Purity, integrity, and generosity are not just lofty ideals, but concrete choices that lead to freedom, contentment, and a life of purpose.

Ponder the legacy that you wish to build and the treasures that you yearn to store. Are they of this world, confined by time and decay, or are they celestial, immune to erosion and collapse? Remember that the world and its enticements will pass away, but the commandments of God—and the life, hope, and love they offer—endure forever.

Make it your mission to redefine your life around what is good, true, and eternal. Step out of Babylon while there’s still time, and turn your heart and actions toward a future that shines with the radiance of true fulfillment. In turning away from worldly snares and striving toward righteousness, you secure your place in a destiny that transcends the limitations of this world—a destiny with Christ, the lamb who overcomes all.


Revelation 17:1-19:10

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