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Intimate Encounters


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True intimacy stems from radical generosity. In our existence of performative and quid pro quo relationships, genuine protection, trust and perseverance are often missing. Yet, by bravely prioritizing our partner’s safety, trusting them unconditionally, remaining optimistic about our shared future, and relentlessly fighting for our bond, we step towards transformation. Such profound generosity echoes Jesus’s selfless love, enabling us to freely share this love, instigate deep connections, and resolve differences towards union. This process of mutual problem-solving not just unites, but also deepens the intimacy.


Choosing to focus on others needs, not your own, even amidst danger


Having faith in others even when things are confusing and actions don’t match words


Remaining hopeful for the relationship’s future despite uncertainty


Continuing to fight for a relationship because the other person is worth it

The highest form of love exemplified by Christ himself who generously loved and sacrificed for us even though we were undeserving. When we receive Christ’s generous love, we become free to give that same love to others and experience true intimacy.


1 Corinthians 13

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