Finally He Sent Him

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In this profound parable, Jesus reveals deep truths about the nature of God. We discover God’s remarkable patience and love, yet also learn that judgment is coming. How will we respond?

  • God demonstrates patience by sending prophets to warn his people, even when the prophets are mistreated and killed. This reflects God’s mercy and grace.
  • God loves humanity so much that he sent his beloved Son, knowing he would be rejected and killed. This great sacrifice reflects the depth of God’s love.
  • God’s judgment is coming. He will return, judge sin, and give the kingdom to others who are bearing fruit. We must trust in Christ to stand in that judgment.

God’s patience and love are meant to lead us to repentance. Let’s embrace Christ today, bearing fruit out of gratitude. Then we can stand when he returns. The day is coming—are you ready?

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