Fighting Fear With Fear

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Fear grips us all at times, yet how we respond defines our character. External threats and internal doubts often whisper fear’s paralyzing tune, urging us to abandon our highest callings. But one man heard a different song—the melodic yet mighty voice of God alone. Nehemiah shows us how to fight fear with fear, focusing our whole lives under the holy Fear that delivers from fear’s dominion. His story foreshadows a greater Fear-Conqueror who would replace our terror with trust in God.

  1. Nehemiah orders his fears properly by fearing the Lord above all else, rather than yielding to external and internal pressures trying to distract from the work.
  2. The nobles fear future loss of finances and position more than God, leading them to oppress the poor and side with Israel’s enemies against Nehemiah and the work.
  3. Christians can rightly order their fears by following Jesus’ example of perfectly fearing God the Father, rather than being controlled by other fears of men or circumstances. Focusing on God’s presence gives freedom from tormenting fears.

The Fear of the Lord alone can liberate us from fear’s bondage. When distractions and doubts would divert our devotion, remembering Nehemiah’s steadfast song empowers perseverance. Imitating Jesus’ perfect tune of trust in God, not circumstances, tunes our hearts to bless others rather than bolster ourselves. Ordering our lives under the holy Fear above all fears readies us to walk boldly for God whatever fears may come. His love that conquered on the cross now conquers through His people. So let us sing with Nehemiah the psalm of the Fear that casts out fear, and live freely in its freeing light.



Nehemiah 6

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