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The Land Between

Fertile Ground

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There is a “land between”, a dry and barren season in life between major transitions or stages. Many people can relate to seasons of waiting and uncertainty.

Consider the Israelites wandering in the desert between Egypt and the Promised Land as an example of the land between.

While in the desert:

  • The land between is fertile ground for complaint. The Israelites complained about the manna they had to eat. We can relate to complaining about repetitive meals or hard circumstances.
  • The land between is also fertile ground for emotional meltdown. Moses had an emotional breakdown, asking God to kill him. We can honestly come to God during meltdowns.
  • The land between is fertile ground for God’s provision. God provided leaders to help Moses and gave the Israelites meat to eat. God still likes to provide for us today in our needs.
  • The land between is fertile ground for God’s discipline. Some Israelites were killed for complaining. Loving discipline from God is for our growth.
  • The land between is fertile ground for transformational growth. The desert experience helped the Israelites learn to trust God, preparing them for the Promised Land.

The desert can produce the fruit we need if we choose to let God transform us. God’s provision is perfect. Rely on God’s faithfulness during hard seasons.


Numbers 11:4-31

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