Everything She Had

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This passage provides a sobering warning and powerful example about giving. While the prideful scribes devoured widows’ houses, a destitute widow gave her last two coins. Her humble and sacrificial gift honored God far more than the extravagant but painless offerings of the wealthy.

As Jesus’ disciples, we must heed his warning and follow the widow’s example of wholehearted generosity.

  • The scribes were prideful and sought personal glory, violating the greatest commandments.
  • Jesus warns against following the example of the prideful scribes.
  • The poor widow gave two small coins, everything she had.
  • Though it was a small amount, her gift was greater because it required real sacrifice.
  • She is an example of giving one’s all to God.

The scribes’ selfishness and the widow’s selflessness show us two paths. Will we arrogantly clutch what we have, or humbly give our all? Jesus left his riches for poverty to graciously make us rich. Will we now spurn that astounding grace or surrender all out of love? Like the widow, let us give sacrificially, for no sacrifice could ever match his.


Mark 12:38-44

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