Everything Is New, Part 2

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Have you ever seen a tribute band? A Fleetwood Mac tribute band shows how even a flawed imitation of something great can still show beauty of the original. Heaven will be similarly wonderful, though incomparably better.

Key Points:

  • When Christians die, we go to an intermediate heaven until Jesus returns and makes the new heaven and earth. Our souls go to be with Christ while we wait for our resurrection bodies.
  • The new earth will be similar yet wonderfully unfamiliar. It will have a massive, beautiful capital city called the New Jerusalem. There will also be nations and cultures.
  • We will have meaningful work, perfect rest, and our own place that Jesus prepares for each of us. There will be food that tastes amazing and animals.
  • Many bad things will be absent, including suffering, death, and sin. Most importantly, we will see Jesus’ face.

The more we understand about what heaven will truly be like—a perfect and eternal home filled with meaningful work, precious relationships, and the joyful presence of God himself—the more our hearts will long for that day when we will finally be with the Lord forever.

This world offers glimpses of beauty and goodness, but heaven will be reality without flaw. May the hope of that eternal reward motivate us to faithfully serve Christ with all we have been given today, knowing that the rewards we receive in heaven will far exceed anything we could accomplish on this earth. Let us fix our gaze on heaven, the place Jesus has prepared for all who place their hope in him.


Revelation 21:1, 2 Corinthians 5:8, Luke 23:43, John 6:39-40, Ecclesiastes 12:7, Revelation 21: 2,10,19, Revelation 5:9, Isaiah 11:6-9, Revelation 21:4, John 14:2

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