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Becoming Who You Are

Everything In Every Way

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We all have a deep desire to know who we truly are and find our place in this world. From an early age, we search for our identity, looking to others for labels and definitions that bring a sense of meaning and belonging. But the labels we are given so often fall short, leaving us restless and unsatisfied.

The good news is that there is one who sees you for who you truly are and longs to reveal your deepest identity – the Creator who fashioned you in his own image. When we discover our identity in God, it transforms our lives and sanctifies our purpose.

  1. Your true identity is found in who God says you are, not what others label you as or how you feel. Your identity is secure in Christ.
  2. God chose you and adopted you as his child through Jesus. That is your true, unchanging identity.
  3. You have the power of God living within you as a believer. The key is understanding and living out this identity.
  4. The most important part of your spiritual identity is knowing Jesus personally through spending time with him in prayer and his Word.
  5. Your fulfillment and satisfaction ultimately come from Christ who “fills everything in every way.” He answers the question of who you are.
  6. As God’s child, you can have peace and security in your identity, regardless of your circumstances. What God says about you is the truth.

When you understand who you are as God’s beloved child, it changes everything. You walk in freedom, unchained from the opinions of others and the lies you have believed about yourself. You find your satisfaction in Christ alone and delight yourself in him. You no longer fight for recognition or strive to prove yourself, for God has already declared you righteous in his sight.

Let this truth unsettle all the false identities that have taken root in your life and open your hands to receive the one identity that will satisfy your soul forever – child of the Most High God. Your heavenly Father is waiting to welcome you home and embrace you as his own. Won’t you come back to the one who longs to reveal your truest self?


Ephesians 1:4-5

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