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This passage explores what it means to truly worship God without concern for social conventions through the examples of King David and those around him. As the Ark of God’s presence is transported to Jerusalem, Uzzah tragically learns that good intentions are not enough – only full obedience to God’s commands will protect one from His holiness.

Meanwhile, David’s exuberant celebration of the Lord elicits scorn from his wife Michael, who values propriety over exultant praise. God also checks David’s assumption that he himself would build God’s temple, revealing that the king’s legacy and the kingdom’s future ultimately depend not on David’s efforts but on God’s establishment.

These accounts confront us with questioning what truly merits our devotion – conformity to human expectations, or exuberant worship of the Almighty?

  1. Uzzah disregarded God’s instructions in transporting the Ark and was struck down for touching it, revealing the danger of not fully obeying God.
  2. David’s wife Michael despised him for excessively celebrating God in a way that embarrassed her and violated social norms.
  3. God told David he would not be the one to build God a house, and that David’s kingdom and legacy would be established by God, not by his own efforts.

As Christians living in a secular age that often ridicules enthusiastic faith, may we learn from David’s example to worship God with abandon, unconcerned with whether others find us conservatively normal or uncomfortably zealous.

While maintaining obedience to the Creator’s precepts, may we release our grip on social conventions that would restrain us from fully celebrating the Lord. And in an unstable world where the future feels uncertain, may we find courage like David from God’s promise that He – not any human effort – establishes the kingdom and brings His plans to pass. Then we too can pray with confidence that the Lord’s name alone deserves magnifying forever.


2 Samuel 6:5-15

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