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Nitty Gritty

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Draw A Line In the Sand

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Living with integrity in today’s world can be a struggle. Constant temptations, pressure to conform, and the manipulation of ideologies threaten to pull us away from God’s truth. But standing firm, no matter the difficulties, brings glory to God and his provision.

The young men Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah faced immense pressure as captives in Babylon. Their names were changed, their beliefs attacked, and they were tempted with pleasure. Yet they drew a line in the sand and resolved not to compromise, trusting God’s sovereignty. As a result, God empowered them and gave them wisdom that amazed the king himself.

  1. Maintain integrity by drawing a line in the sand and not crossing it. Resist the temptation to compromise or find excuses. Make a firm decision to obey God.
  2. Trust in God’s sovereignty. Even though bad things happen, God is ultimately in control and has a purpose. Have confidence that God will provide a way.
  3. Refuse the world’s food. Resist the lies, temptations, and ideologies that oppose God’s truth. Feed on God’s Word instead.
  4. Fear God, not man. Trust that God will provide for you and strengthen you when you stand for what is right. Don’t give in to peer pressure or out of fear of man.
  5. Integrity begins when we fear God and trust that he will provide. God will meet our needs when we stand for what is right with integrity.
  6. When the going gets tough (“nitty gritty of life”), stand firm and do things God’s way. Maintain your integrity in the midst of temptation and difficulty.

Living with integrity honors God and ultimately brings his blessings, even amid difficulties. But it takes discipline: drawing boundaries, resisting the world’s influences, and fearing God instead of man.

So I challenge you: where do you need to draw a line? What temptations must you resist? Which idolatries must you forsake?

Remember that God is sovereign over all. Trust that he will provide strength for every trial if you remain obedient. Refuse the world’s influences and feed on God’s word instead. Stand firm with integrity – God will be glorified and you will thrive. Make a decision today to live a life that honors God, no matter the cost. He is faithful and will empower you to do so, if you but ask.

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