Don’t Dig. Drill.

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The Spirit of the Lord is moving powerfully among us today, awakening hearts to pursue the deep wellspring of God’s glorious presence. A new season of outpouring is dawning, as young and old alike enthroned the manifest glory of the Lord in our lives and churches once more. This rise of a youth generation on fire for God bodes well for revival’s spread in the days ahead.

  • Investing in youth and young people is vital for the future of the church and society. Churches that do not properly invest in youth will die.
  • Young people are hungry for authentic faith and the presence of God. They don’t want superficial or imperfect worship, they want genuineness.
  • Practices like praying for youth, prophesying over them, and empowering them in ministry are important for strengthening them in their faith.
  • Pursuing the manifest and Shekinah glory of God’s presence will transform individuals and churches. A “dug well” of surface-level presence is not enough; we must “drill deep” to access the rich presence of God below.
  • Releasing youth into leadership, music ministry, and more active roles in church is key to continuing revival and growth. Young people are the future carriers of faith.

As we have glimpsed the Shekinah glory of the Lord together today, may the wellspring of His presence keep flowing ever deeper within us. And through empowering our youth, may the torch of revival be carried forward to ignite renewed faith across generations to come. Nothing can stop the outworking of God’s plans as we press in by His Spirit. The best truly is yet to be!


1 John 2:15

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