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How to Get What You Really Want

Don’t Be Deceived

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We all know the feeling – that moment of weakness where you give in to a temptation you’ll later regret. You promised yourself you wouldn’t do it again, but something deep inside drags you back time and time again. Are you trapped in a battle you can never win?

Today I’ll share a revelation that could be the key to finally overcoming those self-destructive patterns and finding lasting freedom. We’ll examine a struggle that was known even to the great Apostle Paul and see how refocusing on our deepest values can transform the internal tug-of-war raging within.

By the end, you just may discover the path to winning the fight for what you were truly created for.

  • Getting what we naturally want often conflicts with getting what we ultimately want. Our natural desires are often short-sighted and undermine our long-term goals and values.
  • There is an internal conflict between our natural inclinations and what we truly value. Choosing what is valuable over what is naturally appealing is difficult and unnatural.
  • The Apostle Paul struggled with doing what he ultimately wanted to do versus what came naturally. Our natural desires (like jealousy, greed, anger) get in the way of living according to our values.
  • James likens the natural temptation to “drag us away” from our values to being physically dragged away against our will. Giving in to temptation can lead us down a path we don’t want.
  • To get what we truly want, we need to discover what we really value at a deeper level. Our values have to drive our choices over mere natural desires. External forces often don’t help us uncover our real priorities.
  • Living according to Jesus’ teachings can help point us to ultimate values over immediate natural wants. However, consciously choosing values over nature is a daily struggle even for Christians.

Discovering your core values and allowing them to guide your choices is a difficult journey, but as James reminded us – do not be deceived. You have the power to overcome the forces dragging you away from your destiny, but you must make a choice each day to resist temptation and live according to what really matters.

Though the battle is lifelong, choosing the valuable over the natural gets easier with practice. Remember that you’re not alone – reach out for help from faithful friends or a loving Father in heaven. Ten years from now, would you regret giving in again or being part of the ones who stayed the course? The time to change is now.

Do not wait another day to start winning the war within and finally become who you were meant to be. Take courage – your ultimate victory is within reach.


Romans 7:15, Galatians 5:19-21, James 1:14

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