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Many of us struggle with this tension – getting older in years but not necessarily wiser or growing spiritually. Paul’s letter to the Colossians reveals the key to gaining true spiritual maturity: revealing the secret of the gospel, enjoying stewarding that message, and embracing the struggle it takes to grow.

Move beyond simply existing as Christians to genuinely maturing as disciples of Jesus. But it won’t happen without effort and struggle on our part, dependent on God’s Spirit empowering us. Are you ready to take those steps towards maturity?

Reveal the Secret

The secret is that Christ is in us. The mystery of salvation has been revealed in Christ. We should spread this message and let the secret get out.

Enjoy the Stewardship

We have been entrusted with the gospel message. We can enjoy sharing it and rejoicing in it, even though it’s not ours. This can lead to evangelism.

Embrace the Struggle

Maturity requires work and struggle. Without struggle, there is no progress. We must do the work of nurturing relationships and building up the church.

Depend On the Holy Spirit

We cannot do this work on our own. We need the Holy Spirit to empower us and give us new spiritual life. Only then can we do the work of maturity.

The work leads to maturity, not just aging.

The church needs to do the work to grow in maturity, not just get older.

True spiritual maturity doesn’t just happen – it requires embracing the struggle and doing the hard work of growth. But God promises his Spirit will empower us for the journey if we rely on him.

Reveal the gospel to others freely. Enjoy sharing the good news that has transformed your life. And embrace the struggle of growing deeper, knit together in Christian community. Don’t just exist as a Christian – mature as a disciple of Jesus through revealing, enjoying and embracing. Will you take that first step of obedience today, trusting the Spirit to do the rest?


Colossians 1:24-2:5

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