Discerning False Prophets

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Living by lies or living by truth? In a world of competing narratives and relative “truths”, how do we know what to believe? This sermon calls us to test every spirit and recognize reality through acknowledging Jesus Christ. For in Him, we find a truth worth living by – the truth of God’s kingdom.

A kingdom built on love that lays down its life for others. A kingdom that offers freedom from the brokenness of this world. And a kingdom led by a King who overcame the world through His very incarnation, life, death and resurrection. When we acknowledge Jesus, we too can overcome the world’s lies. But first, we must be willing to claim truth and rebuke lies. Lies that tempt us to define our own reality, separate from God’s good design.

So where do you stand? Will you continue to live by the viewpoint of this world? Or will you order your life around the truth of Jesus’ kingdom – a kingdom that provides the perspective we need to navigate this murky world we live in. A kingdom that promises to strengthen your ability to discern truth from error, light from darkness, life from death. The choice is yours: live by lies or live by truth. The kingdom of God awaits.

  • Many people today reject the idea of absolute truth, embracing the notion that truth is subjective. But the Bible teaches there is an objective reality founded on Jesus.
  • Jesus overcame the world through his incarnation, life, death and resurrection. When we acknowledge him, we too can overcome the world’s lies.
  • The devil’s primary strategy is to convince us we can define our own reality and morals. But the reality of God’s kingdom provides truth and freedom.

In a world of murkiness and lies, clinging to the truth of Jesus Christ and His kingdom provides clarity and freedom. When we acknowledge Him above all else, ordering our lives by His truth rather than the viewpoints of this world, we overcome the lies that ensnare so many.

So what will you do? Will you continue wavering, mixing truth with error, light with darkness? Or will you choose to fully acknowledge Jesus as Lord of all, embracing His gospel, His kingdom reality and His design for life? The choice, my friends, is clear. Will you live by lies or will you live by truth?

The truth of Jesus’s kingdom promises to transform our murky waters into crystal clarity. His kingdom provides the perspective we need to truly overcome this world. So turn from the lies that entangle you and embrace the freedom of living by truth. Order your life by the reality of Christ’s kingdom and discover a life truly worth living – the life God designed all along. The invitation stands: will you choose the kingdom of God?


1 John 4:2, John 8:44

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