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How do we measure success and security in life? Is it through numbers, achievements or earthly possessions? Or does true peace come from something deeper – our relationship with God? Today we’ll explore these important questions through the story of King David late in his reign.

Though once a shepherd who trusted God above all else, David had now started relying on censuses and military might. But when this act of arrogance backfires, it leads to a stunning revelation about the only real foundation for our lives – God’s steadfast forgiveness and love. I hope this insightful look at David’s fall and repentance leaves us all recommitting to build our lives on that unshakeable foundation.

  1. David takes a census of Israel which is seen as sinful, as he has started to trust in numbers and military might rather than God.
  2. When confronted, David acknowledges his sin but then tries to minimize his own culpability by saying “let us fall into God’s hands,” implying it’s a communal sin rather than his own.
  3. God sends a plague to punish Israel for David’s sin, showing how leaders’ sins affect the people. This foreshadows how Christ will take the punishment for humanity’s sins.
  4. The location David buys to build an altar and offer sacrifices becomes the foundation for future Temple, showing God’s forgiveness is the basis of relationship with Him.

David’s story serves as a clear reminder that no matter how far we have strayed from trusting fully in God, His mercy remains sure. Let us go from here renewed in the confidence that our Heavenly Father’s love for us does not depend on our ups and downs, but is anchored in the perfect faithfulness of Christ.

When anxieties or earthly distractions try to erode our security, may we cling ever tighter to the unchanging foundation of God’s grace. Then we too can face each new challenge or season with the same unruffled hope David finally regained – resting not in sinking sand but on the solid Rock of our salvation.


2 Samuel 24:1-10

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