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Your life story likely doesn’t feel like your own. You’ve faced struggles, heartaches, failures that seem meaningless. You feel lost, directionless, alone with the pages of your narrative empty. But what if I told you someone wants to take the pen and rewrite your story into an epic you can’t imagine?

A master author sees potential in the plot points you consider stains. He knows how to craft beauty from pain, purpose from problems, and can give your second act a twist that takes your breath away. However, this writer works quietly, revealing his vision one chapter at a time. You must trust he can craft your life into a beloved best-seller – if only you hand him the pen.

  1. Saul was persecuting Christians and trying to stop the spread of Christianity. He believed Christianity was a subversive story that needed to be stopped. However, Jesus stopped Saul on the road to Damascus and blinded him, giving him “writer’s block” to stop him from writing more destruction.
  2. After his conversion and change of name to Paul, he realized he should not try to be the author and main character of his own story. He gave the pen to God and let Christ take over writing his life story and being the main focus.
  3. Trying to be the main character and author of your own life story will lead to a meaningless story and will not make sense. You must give the pen to God and let him be the author and finisher of your faith for your story to have purpose and meaning.
  4. God will not erase all the failures and pains from your past if you give him the pen. But he will write new chapters that change the meaning and purpose of those events. Your story does not have to make sense now – God is still writing.
  5. To practically make Christ the main character, say “yes” to God first before knowing the plan, like Ananias did. Trust that God knows best even when his plans don’t make sense. Your story is ultimately a love story, with God as the main character who loves you perfectly.

The narrative of your life holds more wonder than you realize. While the ending remains unwritten, take heart – a loving creator wants to guide your story to its glorious conclusion. When darkness closes in and you question your purpose, remember that hard times don’t last – but God’s dreams for you do.

Have faith that every challenge, each heartbreak, forms you into the hero of your tale. Your story matters – not as you tell it, but as the divine author breathes life into your pages. So walk boldly through uncertainty and give rein to the master storyteller. Rise each day wondering how love will rewrite your world next. Trust that the greatest is yet to come, and let your life declare the author’s praise.


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