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Confronting Genesis

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In uncertain times, enduring truths can anchor us. We confront timeless questions from the opening verses of Genesis. Does truth exist? Is there purpose amidst tragedy? Today we find profound answers from an ancient text that speaks to the core of the human condition across the ages. Join us as we confront the implications of “In the beginning, God created…” and encounter insights into our longing for truth, the problem of suffering, and the promise of redemption through Jesus Christ. In Genesis 1:1 and the ministry it launched long ago, may old words become new life.

Genesis 1:1 makes the bold claim:

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” This verse and its implications are the most offensive thing Christians believe.

Three simple but profound truths from Genesis 1:1:

  • There is a God
  • God existed before time began
  • God created all things

What Genesis 1:1 implies:

  • God is Lord of all
  • In contrast to God, humanity is weak, dependent, and mortal

Today we have stood on holy ground, confronted by the eternal God who flung stars into space and crafted humanity from dust. Yet He entered time for us. Upon hearing the offensive claim “In the beginning, God…”, we can ignore, doubt, or trust. As Ironwood Church begins a new chapter, may we build lives, families, and a community founded on the truths of Genesis.

This text anchors us in shifting sands. Its author cares not to defend God’s origin but declares His presence and power. May we build our lives upon this Rock. Here we find purpose in suffering, meaning despite questions. And we meet Jesus – God with skin on – who alone conquers sin and death.

On this milestone Sunday, confronted by Genesis, will we simply study ancient words? Or will we meet the Word Made Flesh – Jesus – and have life reborn in us? Will we harden hearts or soften them to God’s call? The Lord who formed this church now forms its next chapter. How will we respond? By believing, following and living out the bold, loving claims of an eternal Father who alone offers life without end. May the God of new beginnings start something new in us today.



Genesis 1:1

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