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Christianity & Rest

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Rest—it’s a divine gift woven into the fabric of creation, yet it often eludes us. From God’s primeval Sabbath to our frenzied modern lives, we struggle to enter the rest intended for humankind.

How can we resolve this tension and unlock the power of biblical rest? The answers may surprise you. We’ll discover that rest is no reward for the righteous, but God’s gift from the dawn of time. We’ll see that margin in money and time springs from faith and diligence. And we’ll realize that resting in God connects us to truths both cosmic and intimate—the Almighty’s grandeur, our humble place, and the love that awaits eternity’s feast.

There is a counterintuitive joy of Sabbath time. We may find our frantic world refreshed as we embrace this grace—and glimpse heaven’s shores along the way. The spiritual power of rest awaits. Will you receive it as the gift it is intended to be?

  • Rest is a gift from God, not a reward we earn or a rule we must legalistically follow. God rested on the 7th day of creation before any work was done.
  • Creating margin in our schedules and finances requires both faith and work. We may need to work harder in some areas to create space for real rest.
  • Resting is a faithful witness to three key truths:
    • God is all-powerful, we are limited
    • The world depends on the Creator
    • There is an eternal rest awaiting us through Christ


Genesis 2:1-3

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