Chasing Wisdom

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The wise King Solomon, known for his prolific wisdom, shares timeless advice on how to make wise choices that minimize regrets. He urges listeners to prioritize the pursuit of God’s wisdom above all else. Only by gaining knowledge of God’s truth and applying it diligently can one navigate life’s twists and turns with discernment. This divine wisdom unlocks the secret to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

  • Chase wisdom by acquiring truth and applying it to decisions
  • Don’t chase earthly wisdom that leads to frustration
  • Chase godly wisdom by growing in your knowledge of God’s word and applying it daily

The choices we make shape our lives more than we often realize. Make wisdom your highest priority by cultivating an intimate relationship with the Lord of Wisdom himself–Jesus Christ. In Him alone will you find the answers you seek and the discernment to navigate every decision with clarity and peace. Center your life on Christ, pursue God’s truth relentlessly, and apply it with perseverance. This is the only way to truly live wisely and avoid the regret of choices made in ignorance. Begin today walking in the light of God’s wisdom that leads to abundance of life.


Ecclesiastes 1:1,12 , Ephesians 5:15 , 1 Kings 3:5-14 , Proverbs 2:1-9 , James 1:5 , Colossians 2:3

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