Chasing Wealth

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Chasing after wealth and material gain can become an all-consuming pursuit, blinding us to spiritual realities and distorting our values. But how we handle money reveals the deepest desires of our hearts. This teaching challenges us to rethink our relationship with wealth by focusing on stewardship, generosity, and gratitude. If we get these things right, money loses its power over us.

  • The accumulation of wealth will never truly satisfy. Create a budget with margin and savings to foster financial stability.
  • Honor God with the first fruits of your finances through regular giving. Giving reflects our trust in God as our provider.
  • Responsibly enjoy the blessings God has given when you have honored him with your wealth. Your spending should reflect proper priorities.

When money is no longer our master but our servant, when we view it as a tool to build God’s kingdom rather than our own, we regain our sanity and our souls. We become people characterized by contentment, generosity and gratitude. May this teaching push us past surface change to transformations of heart that reorder our desires and dictate our daily decisions. Then we will truly know the freedom that comes from living radically for Jesus, not riches.


Proverbs 3:9, Proverbs 10:4, Ecclesiastes 5:10, Ecclesiastes 5:13, Malachi 3:10

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