Chasing Pleasure

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When was the last time you truly enjoyed what you were doing? Perhaps unintentionally, we allow pleasure to slip through our grasp. Yet God desires for us to find delight — in him. Our deepest longing perfectly aligns with his greatest goal: for us to glorify him through enjoying him. Yet for so many, pleasure and obedience seem opposed.

  • Chasing pleasure is a desire God created within us, but pleasures without God are fleeting and empty.
  • We must not seek pleasures apart from God, but rather find pleasure in and through him.
  • When we seek pleasures in God, they are fully satisfying and become a way we glorify him. Everything, as long as it’s not sin, can be enjoyed in light of God.

Only by seeking ultimate satisfaction in God rather than things of this world can we truly enjoy life as it was meant to be lived. May we learn to experience each moment through the lens of his pleasure — reveling not in the gifts themselves but in the Giver of every good thing. Then we will glorify him through enjoying him forever, ushering in a foretaste of heaven on earth. The pleasure is in the pursuit of the Pleaser himself.


Ecclesiastes 2:1 , Psalm 16:11 , Ecclesiastes 2:2 , 1 Corinthians 10:31

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