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Icon: The Empowering Invitation of the Cross

Chasing Humility

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This passage offers profound insights into true leadership through the iconic acts of Jesus Christ. As the one with ultimate power and authority, Jesus paradoxically chose humility and service over pride and self-interest. His miracles revealed his divine nature yet he refused an earthly crown, withdrawing to pray alone. And at the Last Supper, when overwhelmed by his identity as God’s son, Jesus astounded his disciples by washing their feet – the lowest act of servitude. Jesus’ supreme example calls all leaders, especially those in positions of influence, to adopt a countercultural ethic of humility, sacrifice and service to others above all else.

  1. God resists the proud but shows favor to the humble.
  2. Jesus feeds thousands of people and is then offered the opportunity to become king of Israel but withdraws to be alone instead of taking the crown.
  3. At the Last Supper, Jesus washes the disciples’ feet to exemplify humility and serving others despite having all power and authority.

Jesus lived out humility, service and sacrifice to the uttermost, enduring a cruel death to save humanity. As the icon of faith, his way of humble, selfless leadership continues to transform lives 2000 years later. May we follow Christ’s example by looking for opportunities to uplift others through humility and placing their needs above our own desires for recognition or power. When the church fully embraces Jesus’ way of the cross, who knows what divine power may be unleashed to change the world once more.


1 Peter 5:5

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