Chasing Fear of God

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The secret to finding lasting significance, peace and fearlessness in this short life lies in fearing God above all else. But what does it truly mean to fear God?

Solomon discovered at the end of his life that fearing God encompasses both profound respect for His sovereignty and an awe of His unmatched power – power over not just our bodies, but our souls for all eternity.

If we can learn to fear the One alone worthy of our fear, we will gain eternal perspective on this brief life and avoid living in fear of anything else.

  • Our lives are short and fleeting like vapor – we must fear God while we are young to gain wisdom and live with purpose.
  • We should respect God by putting His name in high esteem, honoring His commands even when it goes against what others prescribe.
  • True fear of God involves an acknowledgement that He alone has power over our souls for eternity, so we must live in obedience to Him above all else.
  • When we fear God, it protects us from living in fear of anything else because we walk in His guidance and provision.

When we fear God with reverence and awe, placing Him above all people and things in our lives, we gain the clarity, security and peace that nothing and no one else can offer.

No one can truly harm our souls, for they are safely in the hands of an all-powerful God who watches over us. Will you embrace the truth that the only way to fear nothing in this life is to fear God above all?

Determine today to walk in obedience, putting your trust fully in the One worthy of our ultimate fear. Only then will you find the meaning, purpose and fearlessness you long for.


Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, Exodus 1:17, 21, Psalm 86:11, Matthew 10:26-28

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