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Charis (Grace)

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Grace is God’s free and undeserved gift that saves, changes and empowers us. Grace is more than mere forgiveness – it transforms who we are from the inside out.

Grace keeps on giving, as we follow Jesus it teaches us to live godly lives. Yet grace also expects a response: though free, it enters us into relationship with God where we become agents of grace ourselves. And grace rehumanizes us, not because we are worthy but because God’s love makes us worth it.

  1. Grace means gift. Grace is something we receive that we do not deserve. It is undeserved and incongruous.
  2. Jesus is God’s greatest gift of grace. His death on the cross shows how far God’s grace extends.
  3. Grace not only saves us, but transforms us. Grace keeps on giving as we continue to look to Jesus. It teaches us to live godly lives.
  4. We misunderstand grace in thinking it is cheap. Grace was costly for God to give through Jesus’ death.
  5. We also misunderstand grace in thinking it has no strings attached. Scripture shows grace expects a response and transforms us into agents of grace ourselves.
  6. We misunderstand grace in thinking it is given to the unworthy. But grace says we are worth it. Grace rehumanizes us.

The power of God’s grace is life-changing and world-changing. When that grace takes root in our hearts, it begins a transformation that nothing else can accomplish. Open your heart fully to God’s amazing grace. Accept it not just as forgiveness, but as the free gift that promises to remake all things – starting with you. Surrender your life anew to grace’s transforming work.

Become an agent of that same grace in the world. Give freely the grace you have received. Show grace to those in need. Extend grace across lines of division.

Let grace change you from the inside out. And through your life, unleash grace’s power to heal broken hearts, mend broken relationships, and remake our world one act of grace at a time.

The journey starts now, with you opening fully to God’s grace. So open your heart today, and let the transforming work begin. Nothing can change you – or change our world – like the grace of God unleashed through hearts made new.


Ephesians 4:1-2, 5-7, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:15, Ephesians 2:8-9

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