Can’t Make Peace With Sin

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Who are you really? The world tells us that we are defined by our habits, passions and sins – the things that we do repeatedly and cannot seem to stop. But there is another truth, a truth that can set you free from those unhealthy bonds. The person you were created to be is far greater than any sin that ensnares you. You have an identity and purpose beyond what your struggles might suggest. It’s time to uncover who you truly are at your core.

This passage examines our inner reality and how to align our lives with our highest self. It challenges common assumptions about human nature and presents a path to glorious freedom. Within these pages lie difficult truths, but also hope. Let’s explore together what it means to break free from the cycles that hold us back and fully become who we were destined to be.

  1. Sin is rebellious alignment with Satan. Those who make a practice of sinning are aligning themselves with the devil, who has been sinning and rebelling against God from the beginning.
  2. Sin is inconsistent with the new birth. Those who have been born again as children of God cannot continue habitually practicing sin, because God’s seed abides in them.
  3. Jesus came to destroy sin. Jesus, the sinless one, came to take away sins and destroy the works of the devil. Christians cannot make peace with sin because Jesus came specifically to defeat it.

You now have a choice – to continue justifying your harmful patterns or to seize the opportunity set before you. Will you listen to the faint whisper that says real change is possible, or the loud roar insisting it is not? One path leads to slow decay, the other to rebirth. You have the power to walk in a new way, guided by your best impulses rather than your worst. Though the journey is not easy, many have gone before you and made discoveries that can also be yours.

Have courage – your story is not yet written. You need not remain trapped in the narrow confines of weak self-control or strong temptation. Venture forth from there into wide-open spaces of care, purpose and life well lived. The first steps can be the hardest, but each one makes the next a little lighter. You don’t have to face this alone – reach out your hand. A helping hand will lift you, as you in turn can lift others. A rich future awaits those brave enough to choose growth over stasis. What do you say – shall you begin?


1 John 3:4-10

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